Water Liposuction Clarksville TN

Water liposuction is a fairly new way of performing a liposuction procedure.
An other name for it is water assisted liposuction or aqualipo.

This new technique uses water instead of a laser and water of course is the most natural substance to loosen the fat for easy removal from our body.

How does water liposuction work

When you undergo a water lipo or assisted liposuction treatment the fat in the area that is targeted will be flushed very gently from the body by the use of a powerful water jet.

Water liposuction versus other liposuction procedures

One of the advantages of water liposuction is that there most of the time is no need for a general anesthesia and this will reduce the risks for you as a patient.
The second advantage is that the jet gently flushes the fat and this will result in less brushes and also will reduce the swelling.
the third big advantage is that the old methods used the tumescent filtration that most of the time caused tissue swelling and this made the procedure less accurate and sometimes caused severe side effects.
The water liposuction uses a lot less force and cause less trauma to the surrounding blood vessels and the nerves.

How long does the water liposuction procedure take

Some people call a water assisted liposuction procedure a “lunch break procedure”. Most of the people who undergo this procedure can have it done in less then 1 hour and after that go back to their normal daily routine.

Video about water liposuction

This video from coastal skin center explains how H2O lipo works in an easy to understand way.

Results of water liposuction

Like any other form of surgery there is no 100% guarantee for result and the results vary form person to person.

Who can undergo water liposuction

If you are a man or woman that is in a reasonable shape and you have tried to loos fat by dieting and see no results. You have stubborn fat in areas like stomach, upper arms, legs etc you can be a candidate for a water assisted liposuction surgery. Ask your plastic surgeon in Clarksville TN for more information if water liposuction is an option for you.